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The likelihood of someone winning $900 million in the Powerball lottery tonight is very slim. And that’s not just because the odds of winning are 292 million to one.

This is Money
One in five can't afford January's rent and will use credit cards or payday loans
This is Money
One in five private renters in the UK are unable to pay January's rent out of their normal salary, new research reveals. Instead of paying the rent from their wages, 20 per cent will use other sources of income including payday loans, overdrafts, loans

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PBS NewsHour
Bernie Sanders Vows to Break up Nation's Largest Banks Within His First Year
ABC News
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders outlines his plan to reform the U.S. financial sector, Jan. 5, 2016 in New York. Sanders is demanding greater financial oversight and greater government action for banks and individuals that break …
Bernie Sanders vows to break up banks during first year in officePBS NewsHour
Sanders Takes His War on Big Banks to New York CityNewsweek
Sanders Promises to Break Up Big Banks, Tax Speculation, and Establish Postal The Nation.

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