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Travelers are sick of being crammed into airplanes with little space for carry-on luggage. That’s the passenger feedback Airbus said it considered when designing its newest cabin, which will debut next year.
UK must 'lean on' banks or risk $250bn in lost North Sea oil, warns Sir Ian Wood
Government must lean on banks to keep funding troubled North Sea oil explorers or risk a $250bn hit to the UK economy, Sir Ian Wood has warned. The highly influential industry veteran said a number of oil companies could go under as banks pull back on …
Central banks are already doing the unthinkable – you just don't know it
Eight years on the from the Great Recession, voices as authoritative as the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of International Settlements – dubbed the 'central bank of central banks' – have called time on the era of extraordinary monetary policy.
ECB could cut rates again if economy fails to pick up – PraetReuters UK
ECB talks up prospect of further rate cutsThe Independent
How the ECB wants to help risky bank bondsFinancial News (subscription)

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